Energy Facts - Can you rely on Eskom?

Historic Load Shedding

South Africa is currently experiencing its worst energy crisis, when Load Shedding Stage 6 activated for the first time ever in December. Eskom stated that of its total nominal capacity of around 44,000 MW, it was unable to provide around 13,000 MW of total capacity, resulting in the nationwide blackouts.

Small business owners in South Africa said that load shedding was the number one challenge that they faced in Q1 of 2019. In a small business sentiment report of 3984 small business owners 44% said that they had been severely affected by load shedding with 85% stating that it had reduced their revenue. 40% of small businesses lost revenue of 20% or more during the load shedding period. 20% of owners say that if load shedding were to continue at similar levels to Q1 of 2019, they will have to consider reducing their staffing levels or closing their business. 

“How does loadshedding affect small business in SA?”The Yoco Small Business Pulse (3: Q1 2019): 3.

Can your business afford to operate without reliable, cost-effective electricity supply?

Eskom Average Tariff vs. Inflation (CPI)

Can you afford to keep paying increased tariffs with reduced reliability?

Eskom Financial Crisis

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