Ownership options for

Solar Power

We partner with various reputable and FSCA registered institutions to enable us to provide a bespoke financial solution to your business. These include:

Outright Purchase

  • Section 12B of the Income Tax Act provides for an accelerated capital allowance in respect of certain assets owned and used by a taxpayer in the generation of solar energy in the financial year of the expense.
  • In practical terms, at a company tax rate of 27%, your business’ taxable income will be reduced with the full cost of the system, and your tax payable by 27% of such cost.
  • The typical system has a payback period of between 3 – 5 years

Gentricity provides operations and maintenance services at a fixed fee, which includes the following:

  • Metering Service
  • Portal Maintenance Fees
  • Online Monitoring and Corrective Actions
  • General Diagnostics and Problem Solving
  • kVA Calculations and Monthly Reporting
  • Annual Performance Summary
  • Annual Inspection
  • Cleaning (Twice a year)
  • Site Call-Outs (2 x engineering, 2 x general)
  • A performance warranty underwritten by an international insurance company guaranteeing 90% of the system’s projected performance, with comprehensive additional all-risk cover can be facilitated at an additional cost

Power purchase agreement (PPA)​

A PPA is a contractual agreement between Gentricity and your business which enables you to buy 100% of our PV-produced electricity at a fixed tariff over a period, usually 20 years. Savings from day 1. 

No capital outlay to the client, no ongoing maintenance costs involved.

The system is fully insured.

Asset Finance (With 12B Tax Benefit)

Partnering with some of SA’s major retail banks, the product offers the best of both worlds, with terms up to 10 years, the section 12B tax rebate, and without any capital outlay.

You have the option to contract Gentricity to handle the maintenance and facilitate the insurance of your system.

Home Owners Associations & Body Corporates

We have a load shedding protection product tailor-made for Body Corporates.

  • Zero capital outlay, maintenance, or insurance costs
  • Centralised panel array, with battery backup for essential residential loads at participating units.
  • Typically lights and plugs for ± 2 hours of backup, depending on battery size.
  • Ideal for complexes with 30 units +, small monthly levy might be applicable.
  • Functionality, sizing, and resulting financial effect tailored to the Body Corporates’ specific needs.

 *Regrettably no individual units