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Tailored Solar Solutions with Multiple Ownership Options.

Pioneers in Commercial Solar

What do we do?

Gentricity empowers business owners and landlords to hedge their electricity tariff against increasing costs. Our seamless offering combines Solar PV solutions with effortless financing and tailored ownership options resulting in a stable electricity supply.

With various tailored technical solutions backed by affordable payment options, from pay-as-you-use solar energy, leased solar, outright purchase, and tax-efficient Section 12B Solar Financing,  we have you covered.

PLEASE NOTE: Gentricity is not currently taking on any residential solar projects.

Hands-on Long Term Partnership

Who are we?

Gentricity is a dynamic, owner-operated company that specializes in providing personalized services and bespoke technical solutions to meet the unique needs of our clients. Established with a commitment to excellence and innovation, Gentricity has swiftly become a trusted partner for businesses seeking tailored, cutting-edge solutions.

We believe in fostering long-term relationships, consistently exceeding expectations, and embracing a client-centric approach in everything we do.

As an owner-operated company, Gentricity places a premium on personal involvement, ensuring a hands-on approach to every project. For this reason, we only focus on projects in the Gauteng area, to ensure proper after-sales service

Why not utilise payments currently made to Eskom or municipalities and SARS to fund a long-term asset that provides business security and increases the value of your property?

Flexible Solar Energy Solutions

Grid Tie Solar

Grid Tied systems are solar PV systems that only generate power when the power grid is available. It is the most cost effective, generally providing savings from day 1, though it does not supply energy during times of load shedding.

This is the first step into clean energy and can be upgraded to allow for battery storage should this become a requirement in the future.

Grid Tie with Generator

This solution provides you with the financial benefit of the normal Grid Tie solution, with the added benefit of the system being integrated with your current generator. This is ideal as an entry level load shedding solution, as the two systems work in unison during daytime load shedding periods, providing you with both power and drastically reduced fuel cost on the generator.

Solar + Battery Backup

The complete solar and battery backup solution. Solutions are customised to the level of backup dependent on specific operational needs, with the additional option to integrate the system with a generator.

Ideal for load shedding and long term electricity savings.

Affordable Ownership Options

Outright purchase

Take the advantage of current tax legislation with an outright purchase and claim 120% depreciation of the system cost under Section 12B of the Income Tax Act.

You have the option to contract Gentricity to handle the maintenance and facilitate the insurance of your system.

Power purchase agreement (PPA)

A PPA is a contractual agreement between Gentricity and your business which enables you to buy 100% of our PV-produced electricity at a fixed tariff over a period, usually 20 years. Savings from day 1.
No capital outlay to the client, no ongoing maintenance costs involved.

Asset Finance
(With 12B Tax Benefit)

Partnering with some of SA’s major retail banks, the product offers the best of both worlds, with terms up to 10 years, the section 12B tax rebate, and without any capital outlay.
You have the option to contract Gentricity to handle the maintenance and facilitate the insurance of your system.

What is Section 12B?

Section 12B of the Income Tax Act provides for an accelerated capital allowance in respect assets owned and used by a taxpayer in the generation of electricity from amongst other solar energy.


Start the process by sending your latest electricity bill and physical address to [email protected] for a free feasibility assessment.
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1. Assessment

We conduct a free and comprehensive site inspection before installation. A professional structural engineer will assess the integrity of your structure and make recommendations on layout, size and location of the PV system.

2. Cost Calculation

The Gentricity team does a detailed solar energy cost analysis that looks various technical solutions, purchasing & implementation options. No more uncertainty over future tariffs.

3. Proposal

Based on our feasibility studies and cost calculations we propose the most suitable energy solution for your business needs. This will include various ownership or rental options.

4. Design, Engineering & Installation

Design and installation of the PV System based on your energy needs and structural requirements.

5. Ongoing Monitoring of PV system

Ongoing monitoring and data availability for third parties to accurately track and capture data, even up to individual panels. You will have direct data access via online, smartphone, or tablet applications to track solar panel system performance.

Completed Solar Electricity Projects

Pretoria North Medical Centre

Hybrid Off-Grid System
150 kWh battery
90kVA battery inverter

Choice Foods

Commercial Solar Installation,
Hybrid System



Mixed Use - Residential & Commercial
Grid Tied Solution 95kWp